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Ustad Daman, in fact, belonged to that group of traditional Punjabi poets who would read poetry extempore while their pupils would keep the record.
Various book launchings and book release ceremonies will also be held for notable writers during the fair besides entertaining various contests like drawing, recitation, extempore speech, and quiz for kids.
September 12 (ANI): Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is currently in the United States and is amassing headlines with his well-crafted extempore even as he addressed the students at the University of California in Berkeley.
Naidu, who deviated from the prepared text throughout his speech, said he prefers speaking extempore but has to factor in the protocols of holding a constitutional post these days.
Some of the highlights of this course is developing speech skills - extempore & prepared speeches, presentation skills, the right body language, etiquette and manners, interaction and interview skills - debates & group discussions, stress management and developing people to people skills.
Five days later, the president emerged in Butuan City to visit soldiers, reading a few lines from his prepared speech before giving his usual extempore talk.
He was a popular stage performer and will be always remembered for his Marwari accent and extempore comedy.
In few days, we underwent various tests to fulfil the selection criteria such as physical tests, assault course, rappelling, extempore speeches and many others.
This was another cunning, extempore effort to lure the Opposition into sharing the UNP's Himalayan guilt spanning most of the 30 years of war.
1999] was a capable poet who could compose verses extempore.
In the extempore titled "The Angel's Voice," Ravens examines the presence of falsettists in popular music, from the Beach Boys to Coldplay.
During the fortnight, employees participated in various events like Hindi e-mail writing competition, Hindi word writing, extempore and song competitions with much enthusiasm.