extend credit

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Global Banking News-April 11, 2016--Kenyan central bank to extend credit to restore banking sector stability
The CBJ will sign a $100 million loan agreement with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in a few weeks to extend credit to SMEs via local banks, CBJ Deputy Governor Maher Sheikh Hasan told The Jordan Times following an event held by the Young Entrepreneurs Association and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty on the bank's programmes for supporting SMEs.
Muscat: The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be a major focused area for Omani banks to extend credit this year, said a top-level executive of a commercial bank.
Summary: Saudi investors form joint venture for Bosnia; Initial capital of company, led by IDB, is $50 million;Turkish state Eximbank to extend credit lines for Bosnia
The number of small business owners who extend credit to their customers has dropped: 27 percent said they extend credit, compared to 32 percent who extended credit in April 2008.
Our clients are then able to combine the information they receive from Patriot Act Services with other data available to them, and can make an informed assessment about whether they should extend credit, make a sale, lease property, or provide other goods or services to the customer," Kemp explained.
She called every business the ID thieves had tried to scam and told them not to extend credit to the impostors.
The term financial institution includes not only institutions regulated by the Board and other federal banking agencies, but also includes other financial entities, such as merchant creditors that extend credit and report negative information.
When a practice makes the decision to extend credit to patients, it assumes the risk and the consequences of not receiving full payment at the time of treatment.
The ability to extend credit, say by delaying payment or selling on open account, can increase a firm's export potential in many markets.
The first outcome is we extend credit and the customer pays the bill.
companies to extend credit to customers in Latin America, they can continue to develop these markets--and protect their receivables against nonpayment losses--with a product known as export credit insurance.