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The LMU-2720 is a fleet tracking and driver behavior product with multiband capability (GSM/GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT or HSPA) that features a back-up battery for extended field use and triple-axis accelerometer motion sensing that detects hard acceleration, braking, cornering and crashes.
2 We report the case of FIGO IVB cervical squamous cell cancer with left pelvic kidney which was treated with extended field pelvic and paraaortic chemoradiation.
Notre Dame has an extended field hockey family that stays close long after the sticks are put away.
The oil field should have an extended field life although originally it was expected to produce for three years.
Extended field courses primarily have focused on animals and have included trips to various parts of the United States, Mexico, Trinidad, and Belize.
Engineered specifically for the tough work environments regularly encountered in the hydraulic tool world, both Twin Tough hoses provide longer-lasting durability for extended field operation, Parker said.
They'll spend most of the day in class or on extended field trips like this one.
Extended field of view (EFOV) sonography has been recently utilized as a diagnostic modality for abdominal pregnancy.
A new holographic camera system with an extended field of view was described in a poster from University of Arizona.
This extended field of application for their systems is defined within the global assessment data, written by Warringtonfire Centre; an internationally recognised and UKAS approved reporting authority.
The authors, who are all from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, concentrate on gray scale imaging with extensive use of extended field of view imaging, which permits better depiction of anatomic relationships and the extent of lesions.
Under the program, Protonex and Millennium Cell are integrating the latter's hydrogen energy system with the former's proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system to provide an integrated fuel cell power source capable of delivering "critical soldier power for extended field missions.

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