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Fides autem est de aeternis et temporalibus; unde potest se extendere ad facienda").
5) Ne prendare cave, prenso nec fuste nocebo, / saeva nec incurva vulnera falce dabo: / traiectus conto sic extendere pedali / ut culum rugam non habuisse putes (CP 11).
The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary traces the word's etymology back to Middle English and Late Latin (extension-, extensio), from the Latin extendere, and gives eight meanings.
29-30 'si voluerit extendere nubes quasi tentorium suum et fulgurare lumine suo desuper cardines quoque maris operiet' ('if he should wish to spread out the clouds like his tabernacle and flash down with his lightning, he will cover even the depths of the sea').