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Extendible gravity roller conveyors can be used at the dock to handle difficult items such as cases with slatted bottoms.
Fitch's process for rating extendible programs is described in detail in a Fitch Research report titled 'Fundamentals of Asset-Backed Extendible Notes' published Oct.
Despite the growth of asset-backed extendible programs, one factor creating headwinds of late is the debate over how money market funds treat ABENs from a maturity and liquidity perspective.
The notes will be offered as extendible commercial paper with original maturities from one to 90 days from the original issue date.
Program reimbursable claims are estimated to exceed $1 billion over ten years, to be reimbursed with a combination of pay as you go funding and debt, including relatively high levels of short term or variable rate obligations such as the extendible notes now being offered.
Fitch does not require issuers to maintain liquidity facilities to back up extendible notes of this type prior to the expected maturity date or first call date, providing that the extendible instruments are no greater than 20% of total bank-provided liquidity back up.
The state of Wisconsin's $80,390,000 general obligation extendible municipal commercial paper of 2000, series C notes, to be offered on Nov.
The State of Wisconsin's general obligation extendible municipal commercial paper $125,000,000 2000 series A notes and $93,430,000 2000 series B notes to be offered on Aug.
When we realized DataChannel's EIP solution addressed our current needs and was extendible to wireless, we knew we were on to something big.
s $50 million-$400 million extendible commercial note program, which is unconditionally guaranteed by Aetna Inc.
Wisconsin's $75 million general obligation extendible commercial notes 1999 series B to be offered on or about Oct.