extension of time

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There were long moments of silence broken by nothing but the measured ticking of the clock, which seemed somewhat slower than usual, as if it were civilly granting them an extension of time in which to recover their wits.
Either he must repay the borrowed forty thousand pounds on the day when repayment was due, or he must ask Bulpit Brothers to grant him an extension of time, and so inevitably provoke an examination into the fraudulent security deposited with the firm, which could end in but one way.
Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan informed the House that extension of time has been granted for the joint panel on the FRDI Bill "up to the last day of Budget Session, 2018".
If you want an automatic six-month extension of time to file the return and provide Schedule K-1 or a substitute Schedule K-1, file Form 7004.
entered on or about May 8, 2013, which denied plaintiffs' motion for a default judgment and granted defendants' cross motion for an extension of time to interpose an answer, unanimously affirmed, without costs.
However, and most importantly, in order to be entitled to an extension of time a contractor must still demonstrate a causal link between the relevant event and the delay to completion.
The IRS will grant an extension of time to file an automatic Form 3115 (i.
C Rodda, removal of conditions 1-4 on previous application for extension of time limit for outline permission fro building of residential development, land off Grove Street, Longwood.
The regulations permit taxpayers to file a single request to obtain a six-month extension of time in which to file a return.
Temporary regulations issued under IRC section 6081 (TD 9229, 1i/4/05) simplify how individuals, partnerships and others can obtain an automatic six-month extension of time to file a number of income tax returns with a single request.
This extension to file is not an extension of time to pay.