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Table 3 provides a summary of the unprompted and prompted frequency and extensiveness of each category.
Proposition 6: Product line extensiveness in an industry is positively related to the importance of physical distribution functions vis-a-vis other channel management functions.
Extensiveness was the measure of how many different participants discussed a particular theme.
Thus, we must seriously question the extensiveness of the BEME effect as documented by previous studies.
You hope to isolate and limit the extensiveness of the problems, but problems occur, and more often than the general public knows.
The large format of the Phaidon monograph allows for a quality and extensiveness of illustration denied to the others and forms an invaluable visual companion to Lee, while Attlee's European emphasis, with its exposition of Situationist influences (dismissed by Kirshner as "speculative" but documented by Attlee through conversations with Gerry Hovagi myan, an artist who worked with Matta-Clark), nicely balances Crow's investigation of alchemy.
The frequency of experiences and beliefs was noted, as well as the extensiveness of the participants' comments (the number of participants within and across sessions who responded in a certain way).
some categories given greater consideration than others), relative ranking system (allowing comparison of competitive suppliers), item first mentioned on the evaluation form, frequency of supplier evaluations, who completed the evaluation (company or supplier), and the extensiveness of the evaluation process; and (2) categories of evaluation characteristics, including Certification, Delivery, Facility Environment, Inventory and Warehousing, Invoicing, Location, Ordering, Packaging, Pricing, Quality and Process Control, Technology Leadership/Management, Employees, Sales Staff/Customer Service, Education/ Training, Continuous Improvement/Innovat ion/R&D, Financial Condition/Organizational Size, Warranty, and Customer Relationship and Communication.
Extensiveness after all does not necessarily imply unity, and the frame may not be as important as its limits.
Several different strategies to avoid problems with unreliable standard error estimates due to clustering have been developed (such as the use of unobservable variable models to capture system or practice effects) and could be employed to measure the extensiveness of system-clustering effects.
These measure use, effectiveness, and extensiveness of services.
The extensiveness and reliability of this data can act as an extremely effective source for your company when searching for business partners.

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