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Complications of TKA practices are bleeding, wound problems, thromboembolism, deep joint infection, loosening, instability, limitation of movement, fractures, periprostatic fracture, patellar tendon rupture, injury of extensor mechanism, neurovascular injuries, medial collateral ligament injury, misalignment, stiffness, corrosion on surfaces of prosthesis, osteolysis and tibial insert fracture [28, 47, 25, 26].
A Danish group has investigated ACB as an alternative PNB to provide similar analgesia while avoiding extensor mechanism weakness that is the major drawback of both LPB and FNB.
These latter conditions cause a quadriceps lag, while full passive extension will be possible and a gap in the extensor mechanism will be palpable (Fig.
Reconstruction of the extensor mechanism for subluxation patella.
The design should result in better patella tracking and a more efficient, stronger extensor mechanism.
The deposits were easy to remove from the extensor mechanism, but they were well attached to the skin (Fig.
The third section subjects postoperative questions including wound drainage, preventing tromboembolic events, vascular complications, foot drop, manipulation under anesthesia, patella fractures, supracondylar femur fractures, acute extensor mechanism disruptions.
Discussion: The observed increases in patellar ligament forces after cutting of the patellar retinaculum is an indication of the load sharing function of the retinaculum as a part of the extensor mechanism.

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