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The extent, modifications, and objects of the federal authority are mere matters of discretion.
Here, again, the extent of the Union gives it the most palpable advantage.
Several large islands certainly exist in the lake; one of which is said to be mountainous, but not by any means to the extent required to furnish the series of peaks above mentioned.
So, at least I thought: but I had not counted upon the extent of the dungeon, or upon my own weakness.
Our business is to learn and to report to monsieur le surintendant of the finances to what extent English smuggling is injurious to the French merchants.
Finding that I took an interest in the subject, he expressed a regret that the true nature and extent of his enterprise and its national character and importance had never been understood, and a wish that I would undertake to give an account of it.
When the monster had nearly reached the shore where we stood, it suddenly pushed out one of its eyes to a great extent, and emitted from it a terrible flash of fire, accompanied by a dense cloud of smoke, and a noise that I can compare to nothing but thunder.
Johnson, but now the extent of my aversion is not to be estimated.
He pointed with a sweeping gesture, as though calling Adam's attention to the extent of the view.