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For Stiegler, however, something like the reverse is true: tertiary memory, the exteriorisation of memory into technical objects--mnemotechnics--is constitutive of primary memory, secondary memory or our perception of the temporal object.
Patients undergoing re-laparotomy for anastomotic leakage should have exteriorisation of the leak site done.
Combining deconstruction with Leroi-Gourhan's anthropological findings in (especially) Gesture and Speech, Stiegler famously stressed the role of epiphylogenetic transmission in human development, beyond the lifespan of an individual, a break with 'pure life' insofar as it is an exteriorisation by way of artefactual memory aids (hypomnemata): the human ability to temporalise 'is constituted through, rather than merely supplanted by, mnemo-technical prostheses' (p120), and what is called the human is this process of exteriorisation that has no pre-existing (as opposed to retroactively constituted) interiority (p123).
Resection of the affected segment of ileum, with exteriorisation of ends in the first stage and reversal of the stoma with ileo-ileal anastomosis in the second stage, constituted our most frequently performed procedure.
However, Stiegler differs sharply from that tradition by situating technology in the context of a long history of what he calls 'technics', the constitutive exteriorisation or prosthesis of the human.
Cette exteriorisation de l'interiorite materielle a ete comparee a une seconde peau interactive qui se deploierait et grandirait constamment (cette idee a ete exprimee par des architectes comme Neil Denari, dont les batiments imitent des surfaces continues qui entourent le monde a l'image d'un ruban, avec des espaces interieurs et exterieurs interchangeables).
On apercoit par la avec une certaine precision en quoi Proust depasse la litterature toute contemporaine dont il prend connaissance et rend compte dans ses lettres: les souvenirs litteraires qu'il retient comme operatoires pour sa propre entreprise passeront par un agrandissement et par une exteriorisation.
C'est pourquoi le livre marque-place de Delmont, cet objet si concret, peut s'interpreter comme une exteriorisation du "livre interieur" de la Recherche.
The default of origin (of the human) in Stiegler's account is tied to the aporia of the 'who' and 'what', or the 'paradox of an exteriorisation without a preceding interior'.
Comme tous les systemes techniques, les systemes industriels les plus recents constituent une << exteriorisation au moyen d'un dispositif technique [qui] s'accompagne d'une interiorisation simultanee de ses modalites de fonctionnement >> : les systemes techniques informatises, comme toute technique, s'accompagnent d'<< une accoutumance et une appropriation mutuelles >> entre l'humain et son milieu, ici le milieu technique (Picon 1998 : 33, cite dans Berque 2000 : 206).
Today's challenge is thus not, as Michel Serres believed (having discovered Leroi-Gourhan late on--and hastily--and mistaking him for an 'historian'), a loss of memory, since memory's exteriorisation is originary as the organisation of the inorganic, as primary exteriorisation requiring an appropriated re-interiorisation; rather, the challenge is both the danger of a loss of individuation that then induces further displacements among various instances of individuation, as have taken place throughout the long history of the human,1 and the risk of an entropy that would signify not only individuation's being displaced and reorganised, but that it has collapsed; i.