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Teaching is the manifestation of exteriority, the exteriority that is understood within me.
The film, intended to prompt communication and exteriority, instead focuses its viewers so far inward that they become catatonic and lost within themselves, literalizing modernity's insistence on a rupture between interior and exterior, and demonstrating the violence of this rupture through the manner in which the cartridge brings "the entire family, and indeed the nation, into imminent danger" (Hayles 692).
Though it is the gift that activates Henry's circle of exchange, it is not a simple exteriority without relation, but is inevitably translated into economy and gets annulled when given.
Reaching an unprecedented meaning, this exteriority of life hides two things at once, as in a play of mirrors.
This life in thought is structured by exclusion, but its exteriority is misunderstood when characterized merely as exclusion's tragic effect.
The finger that probes the beetle, like the finger that feels the photograph's surface encounters mere exteriority, or more precisely, an interior that defends itself by becoming exterior.
In philosophical terms, between the present totality and its exteriority, situated as a concrete community of others that organize and project themselves beyond the prevailing coercive totality.
I am walking, looking, laughing, or crying, but all these acts are projections of myself in the exteriority of the world.
1979),Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority, trans.
In a recently published interview Wachowski observed, "I chose to change my exteriority to bring it closer into alignment with my interiority.
That inscriptive, or reinscriptive, dimension--something Shakespeare evokes repeatedly in his threshold scenes--arises because the social field isn't a mutual space, a world, or even a collectivity, it's an infinitude in relation to which any claim to descriptive exteriority becomes the measure of a renewed absorption.
For readings of the concept of the face in philosophy, see for instance Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity: An Essay on Exteriority [1961], Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 1969; Jacques Derrida, "Violence and Metaphysics," Writing and Difference [1967], transl.