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Here, Bonhomet is standing inside the private hotel room where Claire has died and is looking into the dead woman's eye, but what seems to fill him with horror is the penetration of this space by the external world, as fireworks tint the room's windows with their purplish light, creating a semi-transparent but colored border that exteriorizes "retinal violet" from optical chamber to chambre d'hotel.
While monastic contemplatives and mystics could daily make interior salvific journeys, those in the world had to exteriorize theirs in the infrequent undertaking of a pilgrimage.
Had his inability to exteriorize his feelings caused the vacuum that his life had become?
When monomeric PFP approaches the TAS, it apparently retains an adherence for membrane since these two elements always exteriorize together at the TAS regardless of the physical conditions of the external medium.
After almost 2500 years of interiorized psychological events, anyone who attempts to exteriorize them faces a tough road.
The expulsion of this air, and with it, the sound, is an attempt to exteriorize the pain, to dispossess oneself of it, as though the vowels of pain were, in some magical way, the pain itself.
He once said that "Reticence has its esthetic values, too,' and his typical method was to exteriorize and objectify the past by speaking about it in the third person, or by using the disguise of a persona.
We vaginally exteriorize the opening of the bag (FIGURE 7), reorient the pedunculated myoma, which is oblong in shape, using forceps, and remove it without morcellation.