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They are planning to exterminate the fish by detonating around 30 bamboo sticks equipped with dynamite, placed at the bottom of the 5-hectare lake.
In an attempt to protect the 100 Iriomote cats estimated to live on the island, the ministry's wildlife protection center is striving to exterminate the poisonous toads with cooperation from locals.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the government was determined to exterminate terrorism from the country.
Exterminate The poll of 7431 TV fans, conducted by www.
I AM aghast at the fickle and cavalier attitude of the Kirklees Council decision to exterminate a healthy dog.
We need such men to lead our country, men who are not afraid to face death; provided it's not their own, and given Bottler Brown has a short of robotic quality I feel he would be very good going around saying exterminate, exterminate, we will exterminate.
Stressing that nuclear weapons must be controlled by 2025 or the resulting danger could exterminate the developed world, Nuclear Weapons and the Blue-eyed People is a very sober book written with the chilling understanding that too many people and nations know how to place instruments of atomic death in orbital space.
Thus it's tempting to think that the "man tax" proposed by a group of far-left Swedish parliamentarians is an attempt to exterminate the male population of that Scandinavian country.
Then we use a combination of baits to exterminate the rest.
He puts to rest many of the myths about predators that were used in the past to exterminate wolves, cougars, and coyotes, and describes the serious impacts of environmental degradation of deer.
City Building Department inspectors reported numerous violations including: failure to remove exposed wiring, failure to install system II emergency lighting, failure to repair or rebuild defective foundation, failure to remove accumulation of refuse and debris and keep premises clean, failure to remove obstruction from exit way that hampers travel and evacuation, failure to provide tight-fitting metal strainer for floor drains to prevent ingress of rats into building, failure to remove sewage and stagnant water from basement, failure to rid premises of rodents and seal rodent holes, failure to exterminate roaches and keep dwelling insect-free, failure to supply adequate hot water, and several other problems.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday backed the idea of declaring martial law in Sulu for a prescribed period only not only to help exterminate the Abu Sayyaf Group but to disarm all private armed groups and restore order in the area.