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Sticky end: Reader Mike Butler says rats are a health hazard and should be exterminated, but other readers feel that sticky traps are not a humane way to do it.
Certainly the idea could be the forced "conversion"--to the sound of bombs--of those who don't think as we do, just as indigenous peoples in the Americas five hundred years ago literally did not understand what missionaries were saying and were therefore exterminated.
Christian missionaries promoted their eradication, and most had been exterminated by the beginning of the 20th century.
OUTRAGED Dr Who fans dressed as Daleks protested yesterday after it emerged the arch-villains may be exterminated from the new series.
But very little has changed, judging from a recent trip to the squalid animal market in Guangzhou, where the government ordered 10,000 civets exterminated after the World Health Organization determined the catlike animals carry a virus linked to SARS.
Pest control professionals offer two reasons: a change in the specialized way pests are exterminated and an increase in global travel, both into and out of the country, said Cindy Mannes, spokeswoman for the Virginia based National Pest Management Association.
His place is with those who do not belong, who are rejected by power because they are regarded as weak, those who are discredited, who are denied the status of persons, who are tortured, bombed, and exterminated.
We live in a world of contradictions, While there are millions of dogs who live as beloved pets in our homes, there are millions of very close "cousins" to these dogs who are poisoned, shot, trapped and even exterminated as whole species.
The Swazi government is planning to build an international airport to increase tourism, however a large proportion of game will have to be exterminated in the process.
If you weren't really a person, he argued, you could be exterminated.
After the Nazi invasion, Jews began to be persecuted and exterminated.
Choreographed in 1961, this homage to the Jews exterminated in Nazi camps was set by Sokolow on MADT in 1975.