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This exterminator likes to study cockroaches up close, and in his office he's got a covered aquarium with a few 4-inch-long hissing cockroaches that dine on dog food, beer and bananas, which he's learned are their favorite foods.
Simply stated, Zack the Zombie Exterminator puts the fun back into zombie-splatting.
The Exterminator is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Western Exterminator, founded in 1921, reported underlying earnings of PS2.
Berson now provides re-usable Teflon[R]FEP * sleeves to protect the lamps in its Insectron range of insect exterminators.
They now live in the station and we feed them - cat food's a lot cheaper than paying an exterminator.
For example, the General Pest Prevention Treatment Guide will teach you how to keep 90% of all insect pests out of your home, without having to hire an exterminator.
AN exterminator discovered a World War Two bomb in the attic of a house and sparked a full-blown security alert yesterday.
An eye-catching exhibit on Berson's stand was a water-filled aquarium containing a submerged, fully functional Insectron IP65/ATEX insect exterminator.
THE Americans have The Terminator in Arnold Schwarzenegger, we in Britain have The Exterminator in Michael Howard the Tory leader.
Exterminator Richard Fagerlund, the Ann Landers for the pest-plagued, helps desperate homeowners get rid of uninvited guests with four, six or more legs in an environmentally conscious way through his syndicated newspaper column.
Their last album Exterminator didn't sell well in the US, but it received much critical acclaim and their new album looked set to build on that.