external aspect

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Once the external aspect of the problem -- that is outside interference in the internal affairs of our country -- has been solved, then Afghanistan will be able to reach internal peace and stability.
The other is external aspect which relates to Punjab police, embassy, staff, National Highway Authority and other institutions.
Autobiography is an external aspect of the text that we demand as somehow fundamental for understanding what the text says.
As Bresson wrote in 1988, his overriding intention was, "Not to shoot a film in order to illustrate a thesis, or to display men and women confined to their external aspect, but to discover the matter they are made of.
The perineum is the external aspect of the pelvic outlet from the levator ani muscles through to the perineal skin, external genitalia and openings of the genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts.
Hence the external aspect is probably more important than the internal.
The rigour extends to the building's external aspect (a monolithic, low-rise block), and more pertinently, to its exacting sustainable credentials (estimates suggest it will reduce carbon emissions by two thirds compared with a conventional office).
According to a press release, the protocol is in line with the reform of the external aspect of the EU Common Fisheries Policy in that it strongly emphasizes financial profitability, scientific advice, good administration and respect of global law
Virtually any internal or external aspect of the application can be monitored, including data related to method or function entry or exit; business objects, parameter values, variables, queues, and other program objects; and timing of selected functions, methods, or transactions.
Set over three-storeys the 11,100sqm academy has been innovatively designed around a central courtyard, allowing all spaces to benefit from an external aspect, ensuring a high level of natural light floods the building.
Despite its hermetic external aspect, the main volume is no less spatially complex or dramatic.

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