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In February, the externalisation of the construction unit of Cumbria County Council was announced, together with a seven-year highways maintenance contract worth approximately pounds 300m to Amey Highways.
We are considering the potential externalisation of a number of pending reviews to address this issue.
The agreement is in line with AstraZeneca's business model, which includes value creation from the strong science underpinning its pipeline and portfolio through externalisation activity.
Mick continues by suggesting that voting Independent weakens Labour councils and leaves them vulnerable to Tory (coalition) cuts, seemingly in denial that it was under Labour that councils were hamstrung, the gulf between rich and poor widened, and terms such as privatisation, externalisation, outsourcing, and strategic partnering came to the fore.
Xtraice, already holds an AJE prize on a local level and has now impressed the demanding jury on a national level with its results and externalisation methods, convincing them of its ability to reach more than 50 countries, creating at the same time greater wealth and employment within Spain.