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Men, on the other hand, are more likely to externalize emotions, which leads to aggressive, impulsive, coercive and noncompliant behaviour.
In the last several years, the desire to externalize research and development has been one of the models in vogue.
Factor analysis reveals that BPI items can be represented as two subscales, measuring a child's tendency to internalize or externalize behaviors (Center for Human Resource Research, 1997).
offices, has helped hundreds of clients redesign customer touch points, optimize supply chains, integrate and externalize applications, as well as transform enterprise processes through ebusiness initiatives.
The scale consists of three subscales: Anger/In measures the extent to which individuals suppress their anger or turn it inward; Anger/Out measures the extent to which individuals externalize their anger; and Anger/Control measures the extent to which individuals resist becoming angry.
Thus, the protagonist in "Brooklyn" becomes "Marshall's first representation of the dynamic whereby social, political, and economic realities give shape to psychological reality, which may in turn externalize itself in an act of self-decolonization that works to decolonize social, political, and economic spaces.
but one part of her is the soul of a Victorian lady, and (she is) able to externalize this,'' Breuer said.
Just as the world changed when social networking tools made it trivial for us to externalize our relationships and activity streams, a new collection of open source ALM tools has made it easy for developers to go far beyond dumping code into SCM.
LR: It's amazing how in California (or maybe it's worldwide by now) one thinks that one can externalize something like that and get rid of it, I mean without taking it in.