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Literature directly comparing drainage with trans-anastomotic stents externalized through the renal pelvis versus DJ stents in children undergoing both laparoscopic and open pyeloplasties is limited.
The study's phase-one results found that externalized conductors occurred in 9.
The present study evaluated internalized and externalized anger in 92 adolescent psychiatric inpatients.
I guess nobody used the externalized pressurized bearing.
NYSE:STJ), a global medical device company, today announced it is proactively informing physicians about visual observations of externalized conductors on the silicone end of QuickSite[R] and QuickFlex[R] Left-Ventricular (LV) Leads, used to connect Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) devices to the heart.
Consequently, only candidates with one or other of these qualities may tender the lot no2 maintenance of green areas of the site externalized & lt; & lt; CMP Sable-sur-Sarthe > > .
Simultaneously exposed and enclosed, faced with and yet abstracted from the city, the gallery, and even your own likeness, your body became the focal point--not an externalized image but a habitable experience, a palpable presence in a world where wood, steel, concrete, and glass seemed to be dissolving.
As communicated in the Physician Advisory Letter, the clinical implications of externalized conductors in a defibrillation lead without electrical anomalies are not fully known or understood at this time.
Still, humans are also capable of learning from externalized sources like books, illustrations, etc containing knowledge that is necessarily unembodied and unsituated.
Why externalized views of identity data enable better authentication and authorization across diverse systems, including cloud-based infrastructures.
StoragePoint shrinks full SharePoint backup times by automatically and continuously backing up externalized BLOBs.
Ketabchi will address how this set of rules can be externalized and defined to be easily changed without needing to change the process application.