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At that time, commercial hot-runner systems included both internally heated types (with the heater element in the melt stream so the melt flowed around it) and externally heated systems with replaceable strap, cartridge, or sleeve-type heaters.
Externally rotate the right thigh, drawing the buttock slightly under.
Adducts, externally rotates the humerus, and extends the arm.
Externally, it employs wood, particularly red cedar, and yellow brick to replicate the colours and textures of its setting.
Now, my 10-person communications team is charged with being "The Voice" internally for Phil Knight and the co-presidents, and externally for the brand.
It was through Riki and her fellow transgendered/transsexual folks (not the least of whom was TG/TS actress Carla Pridgen) that I began to see the veracity of this analysis, that I began to see that much of the homophobia I have experienced in my lifetime--both externally and internally--had very little to do with sex and very much to do with "how a man is supposed to act.
It is, but it can also be much more: a truly unique opportunity to take advantage of this fundamental change in external reporting to significantly improve the way the company views itself and measures performance internally, and the way it communicates about itself externally.
The National Union of Teachers Cymru is calling on the National Assembly to reveal the names of those who will decide whether the post of Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales will be externally advertised.
Strong externalism about a class of mental states, in Rowlands's sense, is the view that mental states in that class are externally constituted.
The most important point is that--de facto as of today but officially when the financial-services markets bill goes through Parliament [later this year] --Lloyd's will be externally regulated.
Kice high-efficiency cyclone dust collectors have a unique externally tangent inlet design that acts as an effective air entry.