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The obturator externus originates from the external bony margin of the obturator foramen and passes like a sling under the femoral neck to insert on the piriformis fossa of the femur (4).
One participant had an absent QF on the left side on both MRI and USI, and the MRI demonstrated that the obturator externus had aberrant anatomy and had filled the QF space.
The fertilization duct defines the part of the duct that connects the spermatheca with the uterus externus that opens outside through genital opening (Sierwald, 1989; Senglet, 2004).
Los musculos intercostales (Intercostales externus, Intercostales internus, Costosternalis, y Sternocoracoideus) son evidentes por su color rojo oscuro, su ancho y su gran resistencia al corte.
A phylogenetic analysis for the Sciaenidae by Sasaki (1989) that used morphological, osteological, and myological evidence concluded that Seriphus is broadly separated from Cynoscion by possessing the following characters: an enlarged and anteriorly located toothplate on the pharyngobranchial 2, the flexor ventralis externus fades into the flexor ventralis, the basiphenoid is separate from the parasphenoid ventrally, a dentary foramen is present, there is a secondary reversal from an enlarged and anteriorly located tooth plate on pharyngobranchial 2, the posterior dorsal fin spines are not exposed, and the soft dorsal and anal fin bases are of equal length.
21: "Detrahere igitur alteri aliquid et hominem hominis incommodo suum commodum augere magis est contra naturam quam mors, quam paupertas, quam dolor, quam cetera, quae possunt aut corpori accidere aut rebus externus.
El plexo venoso dorsal externo (Plexus vertebralis externus dorsalis) esta conformado por anastomosis entre venas intervertebrales y venas interespinosas ipsilaterales y contralaterales.
Muscles involved in movement of the dorsal and ventral pharyngeal jaws were removed and weighed: levator externi 2, 3, 4 (LE2, LE3, LE4), levator posterior (LP), protractor pectoralis (PP), pharyngohyoideus (PH), pharyngocleithralis externus (PHCE), pharnygocleithralis internus (PHCI), and retractor dorsalis (RD) (Fig.
The gluteals (maximus, medius, and minimus) and the "deep six" muscles of the hip (piriformis, quadratus femoris, obturator internus, obturator externus, gemellus superior, and gemellus inferior) serve to flex, extend, abduct, adduct, and medially or laterally rotate the hip.
Larvae of the caddis flies Asynarchus nigriculus Banks and Limnephilus externus (Hagen) are among the most abundant (in terms of biomass) and conspicuous benthic invertebrates at Mexican Cut.