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A few lights in bedroom windows burnt but were extinguished one by one as the omnibus passed them.
With a shake of his head, Tarzan stepped to the flickering candle, extinguished its feeble rays and turned toward the exit.
She lay outstretched, dressed in her ordinary clothes, the extinguished taper still grasped in her hand, no mark or wound upon her--pale, placid, and senseless.
The former being broken as well as extinguished, he rang for another.
Again, what reader doth not know that philosophy and religion in time moderated, and at last extinguished, this grief?
When she saw once more those composed gestures, heard that shrill, childish, and sarcastic voice, her aversion for him extinguished her pity for him, and she felt only afraid, but at all costs she wanted to make clear her position.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said they extinguished the small blaze.
The Spokesman pointed out that the civil defence units which extinguished the fire comprised 12 fire extinguishing teams, 10 support units, 5 rescue teams, a helicopter, and an emergency civil defense force.
The experts used a variety of means to test how burning traction batteries can be extinguished.
BEIRUT: Civil Defense and Army units extinguished fires that erupted across the country Thursday and Friday, and rescued 12 people from drowning, the National News Agency reported.
All of the fires were officially extinguished as of midnight," police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said.
06 am is version of the MES) and was extinguished at 12.