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Washington, Apr 26 ( ANI ): Search engine giant Google has backed a new network, which would link up former terrorists and former violent radicals online, in an attempt to extirpate and combat extremism worldwide.
We want to extirpate terrorists from Afghanistan: Bush
Though the coral is growing back, a series of warm years could extirpate it in short order.
Orthodox Christian churches have been razed to the ground in a bid to extirpate all traces of Serb civilisation.
The detailed discussion of cliches is extraordinary: first, one must not confuse the phrasing ("paint [not gild] the lily"); second, authors should extirpate useless repetitions ("could care less"); third, since some cliches are beneficial, they may be used ("as the crow flies"); fourth, fifty acceptable if overused phrases are listed; and finally, the eccentric conclusion indicates the correct pronunciation of the term under discussion.
Jodi Cassell and likeminded audience members were clearly worried that if the Sagoffs of the world go around talking about the benefits as well as the costs of non-native species, they might undermine efforts to extirpate invader species from our shores.
The common law which Canada inherited from England was suffused with Judeo-Christian principles; to the extent that we have sought to extirpate those principles from our law, we have foundered.
In order to effectively extirpate the IS, it is imperative that all members of the global anti-IS coalition wholeheartedly support each other and set aside their petty differences due to which the issue of terrorism has intensified.
He disclosed that the access to information bill would be implemented which would made the approach of the people easy to every sort of information and that would not only identify corruption but would also extirpate the same.
For it is clear that the Fifa is determined to stop at nothing as they seek to destroy, to extirpate those they have defined as their enemies from any sphere of influence.