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donaciformis, fawn foot), and one Ohio species of concern (P sintoxia, round pigtoe) were found only as extirpated specimens.
On the other hand, our results do imply that this population of invasive snails is, if not extirpated, at least reduced to a relatively low abundance.
Status of Topeka shiners was judged to be stable in 27% (6) of the HUC10 watersheds, at risk in 45% (10) of the watersheds, and possibly extirpated in 27% (6) of the watersheds.
The American Eel was considered extirpated from the Des Plaines River drainage (Slawski et al.
14] extirpated a polyp of an "unusual size" of 8x5 cm by removing antral portion of the polyp applying the Caldwell-Luc procedure, and the epipharyngeal portion was extirpated by using forceps, through oropharynx.
Although cougars (Puma concolor) were extirpated from much of Midwestern North America around 1900, hard evidence of cougar presence has increased and populations have become established in the upper portions of the Midwest during the past 20 years," authors of the study titled Cougars Are Recolonizing The Midwest: Analysis Of Cougar Confirmations During 1990-2008 said.
If something is extirpated, what has become the oldest actor to win an Oscar?
Galapagos hawks (Buteo galapagoensis), the only endemic, diurnal raptor species in Galapagos, are currently distributed on 8 Galapagos Islands having been extirpated from 3 of the human-inhabited islands.
Some species have expanded their range (Lampsilis cardium--Plain pocketbook, Quadrula quadrula--Maple leaf, and Ligumia recta-Black sandshell) while others (Strophitus undulates--Creeper and Potamilus ohiensis--Pink papershell) look to have been extirpated from areas they used to inhabit.
Northern quolls in some areas have been extirpated," Woinarksi says.
Those species that are listed as being endangered, threatened, extirpated (locally extinct) or of special concern are subject to SARA.
Excessive hunting, for instance, effectively extirpated wolves, mountain lions, and other large carnivores from Yellowstone National Park.