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THERE ARE COUNTless objective, scientific and independent research studies on the Milwaukee voucher program that come up with quite different conclusions than your magazine's article extolling the "successes" ("Choice is Good," November 2003, page 39).
Today everyone is extolling Miami's Rose Bowl performance: impressive, dominating and - best of all - respectful.
cities, extolling the virtues of the United Nations in general and touting the need for a UN-based response to the terrorist threat.
For years, researchers have been extolling green tea as a natural source of compounds that appear to fight cancer by protecting DNA.
Design of this villa by Kengo Kuma & Associates was influenced by the writings of Bruno Taut extolling the virtues of simplicity and harmony between nature and artefact.
Gina Gershon extolling drag queens' virtues (and Jennifer Tilly's allure).
Shalit offers a sustained defense of chastity, extolling the virtues of 19th- (if not seventh-) century social and sexual norms.
In the 1960s and 1970s the Monthly was unique among liberal intellectual publications in extolling the need for business growth and calling business an honorable profession.