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When journalist Steve Emerson attended an Islamic fundamentalist convention in Oklahoma City in 1992 calling for jihad - souvenirs included coloring books for the kiddies extolling martyrdom - he called the FBI counterterrorism unit in Washington.
Illustrations of mammals, leaves, seashells and more provide both black and white and color embellishment extolling the wonder of art in the natural world.
It's amazing that this debate still persists, what with the preponderance of alternative forms of media in libraries, but persist it does, which is why the author devotes two chapters, as well as a "Comics in the Classroom" title list, to extolling the literary and artistic merit of graphic novels.
THERE ARE COUNTless objective, scientific and independent research studies on the Milwaukee voucher program that come up with quite different conclusions than your magazine's article extolling the "successes" ("Choice is Good," November 2003, page 39).
Especially as portrayed by ginger-haired, slinky-hipped Bill Dawes, Boner provides much-needed comic relief, extolling the pulchritude of Playboy centerfold Bambi Marie McGillicuddy and his cousin Larry's fellatio technique ("Boy, could he honk on Bobo's nose
Today everyone is extolling Miami's Rose Bowl performance: impressive, dominating and - best of all - respectful.
For years, researchers have been extolling green tea as a natural source of compounds that appear to fight cancer by protecting DNA.
Design of this villa by Kengo Kuma & Associates was influenced by the writings of Bruno Taut extolling the virtues of simplicity and harmony between nature and artefact.
Shalit offers a sustained defense of chastity, extolling the virtues of 19th- (if not seventh-) century social and sexual norms.