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After the five-year period expires, the extorter might not be in the same politician office and if he is, could move simply begin selectively enforcing another law to extract rents.
The laborers, would refrain from complaining except to one another--and generally in Portuguese, fully aware that higher ups were more likely to side with the extorter who could have made the laborers' lives even more difficult.
49] The second, to judge from the military detail, is the actual defeat of the Crusader enterprise from 1187 to 1191, but joined retroactively to Rashi's story in order to "punish" Godfrey, the would-be extorter of the Jews.
In contrast, both parties have their concerns: the extorter worries about his inability to credibly commit to inflicting pain, and the extorted fears ex post political opportunism.
People such as vicious extorter Colin Morrison who, as we reveal today, charged 11million per cent interest - backing up his lending with extreme violence.
He said that, the police had arrested three extorters including Usman, Ejaz and Farooq, involved in a money extortion case and were demanding Rs 2 million as 'Bhatta' from a local trader few days ago.
Al Al-Sheikh once more explained that the Kingdom has gained a number of positive results from this historic decision which restored the legitimacy from its extorters and handed it over to the legitimate representative of the Yemeni people, noting that the position of the national assembly of Pakistan towards this issue is one of the reasons for this successful visit as many questions were being answered through "my" explanation of the Saudi position to the members of the Pakistani parliament in addition to so many other results which are expected to bring about benefits for the two sides.