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17) I define a victim of extortion as someone who pays for no more than fair treatment from a public official.
McKee was convicted of extortion after a jury trial.
The acquisition of NYA represents London-based ArmorGroup's "formal" entry into kidnap and extortion consultancy, a spokesman said.
Non Stop Towing of Los Angeles faces 10 counts each of auto tampering and attempted extortion.
Such high-tech extortion is one of the least reported, yet most lucrative, forms of cybercrime.
The survey showed that 33% of private companies do not purchase any type of management liability insurance product (which was defined in the survey as directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, errors and omissions, crime, kidnap/ransom and extortion, and workplace violence expense).
The original Supreme Court ruling found no extortion had taken place and said that a jury finding of a RICO violation must be reversed.
They are now locked into a fight for power, with arms bought with money raised by the drugs trade and extortion.
In fact, crime gangs are turning cyber extortion into big business worldwide.
In reality, businessmen's role in these schemes ranged across a spectrum, with some paying extortion out of fear for their vulnerable enter prises.
Urging Washington to agree to limited extortion suits Pyongyang.
Only Justice John Stevens dissented, arguing for an expansive definition of extortion.