extra fee

See: surcharge
References in classic literature ?
Porochial officers are not so well paid that they can afford to refuse any little extra fee, when it comes to them in a civil and proper manner.
Sones estimates that the extra fee will raise about $8 million a year.
Already legal in 15 states, ATM operators in the remaining states were given permission to charge customers an extra fee if they use machines outside their own banking system.
On-Demand video content will be charged as premium content and nPVR service will carry an extra fee per set-top box along with a monthly service charge.
On flights to Australia and Pacific islands there will be a surcharge of NZD22 per sector, while on long-haul flights the extra fee will be NZD26 per sector.
Qantas Airways will reportedly charge travel agents an extra fee if they persist in issuing paper tickets to passengers.
Last week, the growing rift between the city and the county became public after four members of the Santa Clarita City Council voiced support for a plan that would give Santa Clarita residents first shot at registering for city parks and recreation programs and charge nonresidents an extra fee to sign up for coveted classes and sports teams.
The bundles pre-configured with Apple Boot Camp Public Beta, Parallels Desktop, Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional described in the press release above are only available for an extra fee, depending on the specific configuration desired by customer.
The extra fee applies to paper tickets issued by Continental.
For an extra fee, families can attend a post-concert ``holiday tea'' with refreshments and costumed characters.
The flash point in the growing dispute is a proposal that would give city residents first shot at registering for popular parks and recreation programs and charging nonresidents an extra fee.
In general, those who are interested in interactive television would be willing to pay an extra fee for its services.