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I hope the wife of your dear friend Mr Gowan, may be happy in the contrast of her extraction to this girl's and mine, and in the high good fortune that awaits her.
But, the Reginald Wilfer family were of such commonplace extraction and pursuits that their forefathers had for generations modestly subsisted on the Docks, the Excise Office, and the Custom House, and the existing R.
No, I remember his saying that she was of German extraction, and I have seen her portrait.
Minute[TM] Protein Extraction Kits for total protein extraction from mammalian cells in just 1 minute.
This book is designed as a laboratory manual of methods used for the preparation and extraction of organic chemical compounds from food sources.
The advantage of supercritical extraction is that we use carbon dioxide," says Murat Balaban, a professor of food engineering at the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences and leader of the research team.
Recovery of CCA components from spent treated wood by chemical extraction has been the focus of several international research groups (Kim et al.
In Northeast Asia, expansion of existing butadiene extraction capacity beyond what has currently been announced is needed to maintain reasonable extraction operating rates and secure the supply chain of the rapidly expanding butadiene derivative markets.
Historically, the extraction of all teeth in the field of radiation was undertaken to prevent dental disease leading to ORN.
Further testing with a localized extraction system in the area of the capacitor on the failing units allowed us to better understand the pockets of contamination.
Microwave extraction is largely used in the agricultural, food and environmental industries.
Headed by Akram Alfantazi, a specialist in hydrometallurgical technologies, the lab work will concentrate on developing new advances in hydrometallurgy, pressure leaching processes and other extraction processes for clients like Inco, Falconbridge and Noranda.