extramarital relations

See: adultery
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The team of FBI lawyers and agents was led by Ken Starr who was investigating Clinton for various issues including his extramarital relations, as told by CNN.
Police said, in the area of Islam Pura, a government official namely Hafiz Rasheed (52) shot himself after killing her daughter Sabeen on the suspicion of extramarital relations.
The bishop said the bishops' conference takes the position that in countries where contraceptives are widely distributed, their use encourages premarital sex, extramarital relations and other such occurrences that "undermine the good of the family.
Arync also warned against extramarital relations, saying they are a threat to society and individuals.
Most of the cases are driven by "women fed up with their husbands and who want divorces or women who had extramarital relations and want to cover it up.
Isiugo-Abanihe UC, Extramarital relations and perceptions of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, Health Transition Review, 1994, 4(2):111-125.
Kayhan wrote: "She hasn't explained what are the ideals of this person convicted of moral turpitude and homicide, but since she was in the past a dancer and a model and known for her extramarital relations, it is probable that with this expression of solidarity she wanted to cover up her own extramarital relations.
Jihane also pointed out that since the beginning of the epidemic, HIV/Aids has been linked to certain behaviours and practices, namely intravenous drug use, extramarital relations, homosexuality and prostitution, all of which are condemned by religious morals, societal values and cultural norms.
US golfer Tiger Woods will take an indefinite leave from the sport to try to save his marriage, the biggest fallout yet from two revealing weeks filled with allegations of extramarital relations with several women.
This law allowed punishments such as stoning, amputations and lashings for extramarital relations, theft and consuming alcohol, based on the rulings of certain Islamic jurists who believed there was a historical precedent.
The "catalogue of transgressors" forbids any extramarital relations to both women and men.
The law only allows private detectives to collect information and only on questions of people's private lives, such as extramarital relations.