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We used structural equation modeling to identify direct and indirect associations between gender-based power measures and HIV risk indicators (whether the husband had had premarital sex, had had extramarital sex in the past year or had had STI symptoms in the past year).
She said that her employer had persuaded her to retract her initial rape report since it's extremely hard to get anyone sentenced for rape in Dubai, providing a basis under local law to accuse her of perjury and extramarital sex.
Marte Dalelv, 24, said she remained hopeful that she would succeed in an appeal against the ruling by a Dubai court that convicted her this week of extramarital sex, perjury and consuming alcohol without a licence.
A Survey conducted by makers of Kohinoor condoms [14] in 2000 suggests that 13% of married males engage in extramarital sex.
Providing a comparative perspective, they describe how extramarital sex is officially secret in these societies, but also widespread, and how it is an aspect of gendered social organization.
Many women who dress inappropriately cause youths to go astray, taint their chastity and incite extramarital sex in society which increases earthquakes" - Iranian cleric Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi
There is often a societal acceptance of extramarital sex and multiple partners for men, but women are expected to abstain until marriage and then remain monogamous, the report said.
In Pakistan, this population includes married men who reported having had extramarital sex with a partner from a high-risk group (that is, a male or female sex worker, a male other than a sex worker, and/or a hijra) in the past 12 months and unmarried men who reported having had sex with two or more partners in the past 12 months, one of whom was in a high-risk category.
Enforcement officials from the Islamic Affairs Department (JAWI) -- notorious for swooping on nightclubs and motels in search of Muslims drinking or having extramarital sex -- regularly descend on the streets of Chow Kit.
or "if extramarital sex did not lead to significant illness, only a 'few intangibles of the spirit' would remain to guide people into moral paths.
It is worrisome that more than 80 per cent of the men and all the women reported that they did not use condoms during risky sexual practices both premarital and extramarital sex (Table II).