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Because, although we share the same genes and the same DNA, something has happened extraneously to cause my cells to do naughty things.
Every meaningful moment in the story has to be explained with reference to a pertinent episode from recent history, which brings in Bernie Madoff strolling extraneously across the page with Northern Rock, Enron and the BP oil spill, my personal favourite being a nasty incident on Foxy's doorstep that causes our man to inform us: "I couldn't help but think of Jill Dando, the British TV personality, gunned down in exactly that way in a Fulham street.
This may have been due to the extraneously introduced epithelial cells being distributed rapidly into CSF soon after introduction such that discarding a few drops of CSF did not reduce the epithelial cell load, or because CSF backflow was of insufficient force or volume to dislodge epithelial cells adherent to the bevel or lumen of the needle.
The experience here is that we defend our own and that development is auto-centered, being geared to internal needs, and where extraneously driven development has meant development based on fossil fuels and mineral extraction in a zero sum, leading to a race to the bottom, hence:
We must consider the relationship of ethics to the law so that we can analyze ethical, or self imposed limitations on behavior, to legal, or extraneously imposed restraints, on governmental conduct.