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Because, although we share the same genes and the same DNA, something has happened extraneously to cause my cells to do naughty things.
mapping, spatial analysis, and social network analysis), while also augmenting such analyses with in-depth qualitative analysis of users and places implicated in these data, we can understand the geoweb as something beyond a simple collection of latitude-longitude coordinates extraneously attached to other bits of information, and instead understand it as a socially produced space that blurs the oft-reproduced binary of virtual and material spaces.
Every meaningful moment in the story has to be explained with reference to a pertinent episode from recent history, which brings in Bernie Madoff strolling extraneously across the page with Northern Rock, Enron and the BP oil spill, my personal favourite being a nasty incident on Foxy's doorstep that causes our man to inform us: "I couldn't help but think of Jill Dando, the British TV personality, gunned down in exactly that way in a Fulham street.