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Inasmuch as the "Postscript" converts Hofmannsthal's spiritual, disembodied coding of worldless epiphany into the psychoanalytical language of desire, it links the extraneousness implicit in poetic speech that always knows of the impossibility of speaking other than in "tongues" and figures--in contrast to instrumental speech--across the trajectory of modernism.
As in Dizdar's film, the modification of the traditional masculine social role in films of the early eighties actually provided a golden opportunity to demonstrate the extraneousness of Woman within the bourgeois home, that the father was quite capable of handling the job of socializing the young.
The extraneousness of their vehicles does not distract the reader's attention from the poems' main thread of discourse for more than a moment.
The essence of man's alienation in the contemporary world is perceived by John Paul II in the fact that man feels his extraneousness in relation to God and people, and in this sense negates his nature (2).