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Whatever communication transpired between them must have been a mixture of language and extrasensory perception, and the results were a stunning materialization--his great choreographic vision enhanced and fulfilled in fabric.
But John Grisham says no extrasensory perception was involved.
At the same time, he discerns no great value in them, aside from their usefulness in evaluating such highly controversial findings as those suggesting the existence of extrasensory perception.
The poll results, published in the winter 1991 SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, include the following: One in four people believe in ghosts, one in six cite communications with someone deceased, one in four say they have communicated "telepathically" with another person, one in 10 claim to have seen or been in the presence of a ghost, one in seven say they have seen a UFO, one in four believe in astrology and about half believe in extrasensory perception.
extrasensory perception or ESP) and motor or "efferent" forms of psi (i.
There are still people with extraordinary abilities, and phenomena like extrasensory perception clearly seem to exist.
GENERAL EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION (GESP): A noncommittal technical term used to refer to instances of ESP in which the information paranormally acquired may have derived either from another person's mind (i.
The range of phenomena that are typically characterized as "paranormal" is quite broad, encompassing beliefs involving superstitions, extrasensory perception, divination, magic, disembodied spirits, time travel, extraterrestrials, cryptozoological creatures (such as Bigfoot and chupacabra), and even certain features of organized religions.
Advances in parapsychological research 2: Extrasensory perception (pp.