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Bonham's case in his 8 Co[ke's Reports] is far from any extravagancy, for it is a very reasonable and true saying, that if an Act of Parliament should ordain that the same person should be party and Judge, or, which is the same thing, Judge in his own cause, it would be a void Act of Parliament.
He spoke highly of the collective wedding and its role in sustaining the cooperation and synergism ties among the sons of this one nation and emphasized that this step shall be practical in fighting the phenomenon of extravagancy that related with single weddings and the high expenses encountered thereof hindering the youth from achieving their future marriage plans.
Bassus' extravagancy must have made some impression on Erasmus' mind, for he returns to it in his last major work, the manual for preachers (1535), using it there to exemplify a type of amplification: "veluti si Bassum dicas ventris onus excipere auro, vnde colligitur quanta fuerit in conuiuiis caeterisque rebus luxuries," Ecclesiastes 3, ASD, 5, 5: 60, line 176-61, line 179 (where the source reference, Martial 1.