extravagant statement

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I wanted to make a very extravagant statement that was very much designled and a la mode, and I brought in an incredible designer from Glasgow called Sam Booth.
Hyperbole is an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally.
But his most extravagant statement of all was reserved for No.
GIVEN the herbal products readily available, Amsterdam is not exactly unfamiliar with the reckless, extravagant statement.
He bases this extraordinary discovery on a couple of extravagant statements he picked up in separate debates with Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens in May 2007, backed by a reading of their latest books, plus what looks like a superficial glance or two at recent works by Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett.
Extravagant statements come without explication, and schmooze substitutes for action.
Simpson, brilliant, if thoroughly erratic, made enough extravagant statements to the press to provide Bruckheimer with protective cover.
Soon enough we'll have to put up with campaigning and extravagant statements about policy and the ability of government to do anything about anything.
93] In the wake of these extravagant statements, a supporter of Chauvin expressed relief that the French court had limited its rejection of her application strictly to matters of the law.
They made such an impression that they earned places in the 16-man squad to compete in this winter's Ashes series and the genuine pace they can generate has given even Hussain, not a man normally renowned for extravagant statements, optimism that this time England can at least compete with Australia.