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Under physiological conditions, not only naive lymphocytes but also DC precursors, plasmacytoid DCs (pDCs), and central memory T cells extravasate from HEVs.
Lessons learned from 118,970 multidetector computed tomographic intravenous contrast material administrations: impact of catheter dwell time and gauge, catheter location, rate of contrast material administration, and patient age and sex on volume of extravasate.
Analgesics and antibiotics are the major role of conservative management and most of the extravasate urine would be spontaneously absorbed without any invasive procedures.
Two main mechanisms of release cfDNA in the plasma or serum have been postulated: (a) cells detach and extravasate into the blood stream where they undergo lysis and (b) cells undergo apoptosis or necrosis in cancer tissues in vivo and their DNA is released in the blood stream (77).
Since the most devastating consequences of cancer arise from the process of metastatic dissemination, elucidation and evaluation of the biology of the process by which cancer cells invade locally, intravasate into the circulation and extravasate and survive in the distant tissues, is of fundamental importance.
After this they have to settle in the microvasculature of the organ, extravasate through the vessel wall, invade the target organ, and proliferate within the target tissue [4].
Choosing the transepicardial implantation rather than intracoronary administration might overcome the problems of functionally impaired stem cells to extravasate against a chemo attractant gradient to invade and home to the ischemic tissue.
MMPs play an important role in the cleavage of membrane components, enabling leukocytes to extravasate the blood.