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This government is committed to working with Commonwealth countries to tackle the common threat posed by violent extremism.
As long as our neighbors don't fully accept this reality that extremism is no capital for anyone and cannot be used as a playing instrument, unfortunately, we will continue to witness that the Takfiri groups are and will be extensively supported by certain regional states or certain parts of their ruling system.
The centerpiece of the campaign is "In the Know," a digital hub that allows participants to engage in grassroots efforts to advocate against violent extremism by sharing curated content via their own social media channels.
We stand ready to work with the Government in tackling extremism.
Mr Cameron said: "All public institutions have a role to play in rooting out and challenging extremism.
He said there is no good or bad terrorist; a terrorist is a terrorist; extremism has no link with religion, it is a global issue and could not be related to any state or religion.
Mentioning the way forward for an effective counter violent extremism strategy, he emphasized the need to identify the root causes of victim hood, alienation and anger, and seek their speedy and just resolution, especially related to Kashmir in South Asia, and Palestine in the Middle East.
The Home Secretary was meeting city community workers and volunteers who have been tackling extremism, racism and wider issues including domestic violence.
He stressed Sudan's commitment to moderate Islam and their rejection of fanaticism and extremism explaining that the Sudanese society is marked by tolerance, intellectual and religious pluralism.
The Vice President of the Republic said that Sudan was tolerant society which is characterized by intellectual and religious pluralism where Sudan has been pursuing a dialogue as a means to address the phenomenon of extremism as happened to the cell of Dindir, pointing to the limitation phenomenon of some students joining to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), attributing the phenomenon to the Western socialization of these students who are holding foreign passports.
BEIRUT: Trying to examine extremism from just one perspective can only fuel it further, warned former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora Thursday, adding that Sunnis would not take that road.
Commander Chishty added he felt, as a parent himself, that other families should be "extra-vigilant" of signs of extremism in their children.