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A study by Thomann and colleague Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg found that data from Extremus for 2003 and 2004 show most Extremus business is in the capital of Berlin, followed by the industrial cities of Frankfurt and Hamburg.
There must be other families out there who suffer from a devastating medical condition called Extremus Badloserus.
The Image of Zhouxin and the Legitimacy of Rebellion in the Chinese Political Tradition," Oriens Extremus 47 (2008): 16.
Extremus, LLC encompasses three core brands - Extremus, There Are No Limits Foundation, and Richard Burgunder.
In Germany, a specialist insurer, EXTREMUS, was established in 2002 to provide terrorism insurance.
Lochac Revisited", Oriens Extremus, 1969, 16:85- 110.
The nearest equivalent to the reality of the beer bore is the real ale anorak -- or Nerdiness In Extremus -- a mini bus party who pinched our seats at this year's festival without so much as a by your leave.
Germany has set up Extremus Insurance AG, a specialist terrorism insurer with the country's major insurance and reinsurance groups as shareholders.
Used by top scientists, this is a prime example of Aerobrushus Extremus - a dangerous supertechnology used by a select few and only in extreme circumstances - like needing to turn a handsome blokie into a perfect-looking robo-sex slave.
A UCLA graduate student and her Canadian chemist father have concluded dark beer shares the same antioxidant qualities as wine when consumed in moderatus extremus, or moderation.
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