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Rescue workers extricated the mannequin while using the interlocking, plastic tube sections.
The woman, believed to be in her early 80s, was extricated from the vehicle and her condition was stabilised.
SHREWSBURY - An Auburn resident who had to be extricated from a car involved in a crash on Interstate 290 Wednesday night was discharged from a Worcester hospital yesterday.
Climactically, Isaac extricated herself from the cage in an exquisite dance of liberation that, taken with Wood's performance, was one of Mekka's highlights.
It had been extricated from a residential school lawsuit late last year by a judicial ruling and had voiced reluctance to open itself up again to liability.
THE start of the six-furlong maiden was delayed by 25 minutes after the rearing Capacoostic managed to get her hind leg through the frame of the neighbouring stall and had to be carefully extricated.
The man had to be extricated from the vehicle with help from the fire service whilst he continued to receive medical treatment.
Once he had been extricated for a run the race was soon over-he was full of running when hitting the front inside the final furlong and quickly burst clear to win in the style of a classy performer.
One female was extricated from the vehicle and placed on a long board and taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance.