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1]) are several problems typical for extrudable fluoropolymer in terms of general rheological phenomena, requiring a lot of experience and engineering skills for proper handling.
Because of the incompatibility of these layers, an extrudable adhesive or "tie" layer must be incorporated into the structure to hold these two materials together (18-20).
Patent 7,718,747 (May 18, 2010), "Fiber and Process for Obtaining Same From HighModulus, Extrudable Polyethylene," Dellyo Ricardo dos Santos Alvares and Roberto Barcala Haag (Petroleo Brasileiro S.
010" to 24", variable mandrel speed from 0 to 2,700 rpm and a mandrel with adjustable length from 24" to 1" and stock from 6" OD to the minimum extrudable size that will fit the mandrel.
to the minimum extrudable size that will fit the mandrel, and Rheostat controlled mandrel speed from 0 to 2,700 rpm.
Moreover, says RTP Company, Europe, "we can combine several properties such as conductivity, reinforcement, and wear resistance and even offer extrudable grades.
Multicomponent parts that were previously only extrudable by improvised methods can now be manufactured rapidly and fully automatically.
The inner layer is made of an extrudable plastic, such as polyethylene, crosslinked polyethylene, or polypropylene.
Versaflex CL E95 was developed by the company to provide its medical customers with an extrudable and water clear product that complies with the demands of autoclave sterilization.
Epocast 1633 syntactic epoxies are extrudable and easy to dispense from dual-barrel cartridges that contain premeasured amounts of resin and hardener.
office in Pittsburgh) developed an extrudable PC grade for the production of a new collection of hardshell suitcases said to feature durability and light weight with a soft and comfortable feel.