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Extrude Hone has been closely held, with revenues of around $80-million per year.
According to Larry Rhoades, Extrude Hone chairman and CEO, "ProMetal's second-generation machines, coming on stream now, have a build capacity of 8000 cu.
In terms of thin tubes and profiles, one of the most challenging ETPs to extrude is PEEK (polyether-etherketone materials, specifically, the product from Victrex plc.
Extrude Hone purchased Dynetics from Winbro Group Ltd.
has developed a proprietary way to extrude flexible starch foam.
One of the three is a Spanish injection molder that uses industrial scrap from five- and seven-layer barrier packaging film (containing PET, EVA, and LDPE) plus PET bottle flake to extrude monofilament for brush bristles.
The Series 220 tooling can extrude product sizes of 1/2" (1.