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This card is distributed with the purpose of allowing people to save money with no limits on the number of prescriptions, no age or income requirements, ultimately giving the power to save back to you - the end user," says Christian Stearns, Principal of TrustScripts, LLC, whose company partnered with eXude to provide this card to clients.
eXude Benefits Group now enlists its own customer service employees to handle any after-hour calls.
The National Constitution Center selected eXude over fifteen years ago, and now utilizes the firm and its affiliates, eXperience and eXcel, for health benefits, HR consulting support and retirement plan administration for their 150 employees.
Right off, his large, exceedingly colorful canvases exude the visual imprint of interior decoration, a field in which the artist enjoyed a formidable career.
Morgan Consumer Products is currently seeking strategic partners and licensees who can deliver the classic Morgan lifestyle through licensed products and brand extensions that exude the classic style of the Morgan brand.
Farmers collect infected hornworms, which exude a milky, virus-containing sap; add water; and grind them up in a blender.
With its matte colors, hard-edged, graphic forms, and elements of avant-garde fashion and wall painting, all in favor lately, Haluk Akakce's recent show seemed at first to exude a certain trendiness.
Though Villella admires the strength of the men who trained in France, Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba--the company represents six nations--Miami's men exude an "all-American" affability.
Eisenbach and his colleagues set out to determine whether human eggs exude an attractive substance after previous studies done by others showed that female mammals can hoard dormant sperm, which later spring into action after the female ovulates.
Brett Reichman's paintings of elfin characters, for instance, may exude a palpable melancholy, but a closer examination of these profoundly seductive compositions yields a number of thoughtful, additional readings.
Sixteen dancers wearing electric blue and green, life-affirming colors of sea and earth, exude a vigor both sexual and sophisticated.
In addition, he says, traditional beliefs hold that green milkweed and snow-on-the-mountain--both of which exude a milky sap--encourage new mothers to produce more breast milk.