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In a nutshell: Thanks to an attractive and effervescent four-member ensemble, this lightweight office romance comedy exudes a quirky but compelling charm.
Emphatically rooted in its time, the play now exudes more camp than reality.
Hire people who exude a good attitude, because attitudes are contagious.
If the shape of a woman's body bears a distinct resemblance to a spoon, Edward Jackowski, CEO of Exude, Inc.
But here's a new twist: So accustomed are we to allegations that plastics emit, exude, or exhale something unpleasant into the soil, water, or air that we may have overlooked contrary evidence that plastics are taking waste products out of the environment.
Oaks exude courmarins and other phenolics, inhibiting herbs and grasses.
The designation is very meaningful to us as a benefits company," said Marcos Lopez, President and CEO at eXude.
Though her voice is too feminine for Sinclair to exude sex appeal, Wu does capture his occasional condescension with aplomb.
These folks can bluff and exude confidence, even during moments of peril.
They could have been stuck in traffic for an extra hour, spilled coffee on their new suit and missed their daily report deadline--all before noon--and still manage to exude a mind-boggling level of happiness and calm.
When you get on the field, it's a good idea to exude energy and excitement, as the kids will pick them up from you.
With the ability to use our card at more than 58,000 pharmacies nationwide," explains Marcos Lopez, President & CEO of eXude, "we can provide our clients with a valuable resource to save money & afford the medications they need.