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It can be used to produce soft rubber articles such as NBR printing rollers without the risk of any significant amount of the plasticizer being exuded, according to the company.
Yet from the moment Thomas (or MTT, the quasi-corporate moniker he favors) strode purposefully to the podium, he exuded focus and control.
The corridors of Mountain House exuded multiculturalism: people from many countries and backgrounds, full of thoughts.
As a whole, the show exuded a sense of madcap melancholy, of whimsy in the face of disaster--perhaps because so many of the works appeared to be teetering on the brink of collapse.
Callisto was launched with a highly integrated advertising and public relations campaign focused on the discovery of the active ingredient in Callisto following efforts that focused on the natural herbicides exuded by the Callistemon citrinus plant," Comer says.
Hoping to find a cure for malaria, 18-year-old chemist William Perkin in 1856 concocted a mixture that exuded a stunning hue when dispensed on silk.
Baritone Rodney Gilfry exuded testosterone as her nemesis, Stanley (if only his larynx had been as buffed as his pectorals).
The level of talent exuded by both the choirs and contemporary Christian artists who participated in this special was immeasurable, and we are truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with all of them.
The Gage Group, which was relocating due to expansion, chose the building because of the "family atmosphere" it exuded, according to Phil Adelman, vice president and co-manager of The Gage Group/New York, as well as president of the National Association of Talent Agents.
Goodman's presence onstage exuded her passionate love for dancing and captivated audiences worldwide.