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It makes me ponder on the fact that the quintessentially English personality of David Chipperfield prefers his office to be motored by a Swiss, Spanish, Italian, Argentinian force without too many locals, or that Maxi Fuksas exudes fascination with the Paris or London sceneries.
There are several very public shots, such as a joyous image from the opening of a 1980 show in Venice, which simply exudes warmth.
She exudes pretty metaphors, sometimes a bit aimlessly but, who knows, maybe it's art.
Despite its plain Jane name, the Madison exudes excess.
Though "Top Heavy" exudes the powerful sense of time and effort spent that some of Hamilton's efforts do, its purpose seems to be quite different.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exudes deja vu.
Coupled with Dive in Blue leather, the piece invokes an intense femininity; paired with Eclipse Black, the Palm Necklace exudes a seductive, intoxicating power.
Lawlor has the perfect voice to read this, as he exudes youth, innocence and earnestness.
Consolo's corner office, which exudes refined elegance with built-in mahogany cabinetry and bookshelves and personal mementos spanning her more than 20 years in the business.
Sporting a Hemingway-esque silver beard, he exudes sex appeal and a passion for life.
He exudes enthusiasm, too, about the three-week City Center season: "It's an extremely dense masterworks repertory," he boasts.
The resulting 'look-no-hands' soap-bubble structure of continuous roof and wall planes exudes both effortless ingenuity and surprising delicacy.