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The Revolution was then (1792) in its early stages, and in his 'Prelude' Wordsworth has left the finest existing statement of the exultant anticipations of a new world of social justice which the movement aroused in himself and other young English liberals.
Determined to interrupt the TETE-E-TETE, I rose, and, selecting a piece of music from the music stand, stepped up to the piano, intending to ask the lady to play it; but I stood transfixed and speechless on seeing her seated there, listening, with what seemed an exultant smile on her flushed face to his soft murmurings, with her hand quietly surrendered to his clasp.
In spite of his fear at the reckoning he must expect to pay for what he had done, he could see that it had been an object-lesson to me, and he became more domineering and exultant.
I had not been called "Sissy" Van Weyden all my days without reason, and that "Sissy" Van Weyden should be capable of doing this thing was a revelation to Humphrey Van Weyden, who knew not whether to be exultant or ashamed.
Not really ever," she assured him, secretly exultant at his unconscious jealousy.
Arthur felt an awkward consciousness of having, in his exultant condition, been a little premature.
On his returning a gracious answer and taking his place at the literary settle, Mr Boffin began to compose himself as a listener, at the opposite settle, with exultant eyes.
The same writing," remarked Holmes, as he opened the envelope, "and actually signed," he added in an exultant voice as he unfolded the epistle.
Philip had already left,--at the autumn quarter,--that he might go to the south for the winter, for the sake of his health; and this change helped to give Tom the unsettled, exultant feeling that usually belongs to the last months before leaving school.
ON a day when an exultant South North were crowned champions for the tenth time in 13 seasons, there was despair for Blaydon, who now look like losing their Premier Division status for the first time in their history.
The host captain Claudio Bravo lifted the trophy before an exultant
The brass and woodwind sections played with particular poise and poignancy in the pastoral second movement, and the exultant final movement was brilliantly executed.