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Saudi Arabia's King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) has achieved Stage 6 on the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's (HIMSS) electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM).
They demanded of the government to appoint an eye specialist at the hospital so that the machinery and equipments already existed there could be utilized for public services.
She then moved to Huston, USA, where she trained for about a year, before she returned home and trained for six months at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital.
Their inventor, the British eye specialist John Fuller, came up with the idea when he was persuaded to try a steam bath while visiting his brother Tom in New Zealand.
GIFT TO CHARITY: Keith Davey, eye specialist at the Elmwood Health Centre in Holmfirth, presents the equipment to Oliver Backhouse (S)
STARINGat a computer all day could destroy your eyesight by reducing blinking, an eye specialist warned yesterday.
Mum Ashley, 35, said: "We went to the Royal Victoria Infirmary and saw the top eye specialist.
Invited by Syria's Ministry of Health and the Aleppo Eye Specialist Hospital, ORBIS and its multinational medical team are conducting an intensive training program, from June 15 to 26, to enhance the skills of the local ophthalmic community so that they are better equipped to treat and prevent eye diseases prevalent among the nation's population.
My wife was diagnosed with the same condition three months ago, and told the same thing by an eye specialist.
AASK your vet to refer you to an eye specialist who can assess whether the retina is healthy.
Schwartz, an eye specialist who performed the surgery at UCLA's Jules Stein Eye Institute.
Zeba Matin, an eye specialist said that it is appropriate to use sunglasses in Summer but warned that lowquality sunglasses are causing various eye diseases among the citizens, who usually focus on cheap prices instead of quality.