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Alison Theaker, Eye to Eye coordinator, said, 'We take referrals from GPs, social services and the police and there is a growing need for counselling in RCT.
Rosenquist's days up on a billboard painter's scaffold, eye to eye with Mount Rushmore--sized faces, left him with a feeling for the abstraction that lurks in even the most realistic image.
The media read into the situation between myself and Pete McGrath, and it's true we did not see eye to eye over the fact that I wanted to play soccer and gaelic football," he said.
These groups don't always see eye to eye, and I've learned long ago simply to move between them.
For details, see "Auditing: Seeing Eye to Eye," JofA, May 97, page 4.
With a See Eye 2 Eye on both ends you can finally chat eye to eye instead of eye to forehead.
For their own reasons, that wasn't something (Nike and I) could see eye to eye on.