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This is the socket in the skull containing the eyeballs, protective fat, blood vessels, muscles and nerves.
The hairy eyeball is actually nothing new, but many in the news media found it shocking and a good chuckle at the same time.
Eyeball Networks has launched AnyFirewall Engine v9.
The origin of oculolinctus is unknown but Chinese website Shanghaiist suggests it could have been inspired by a music video by Japanese band Born, in which the singer gets his eyeball licked by a woman.
Eyeball Networks today announces the release of AnyFirewall Engine v9.
CRYSTAL CLEAR The giant eyeball is a dead ringer for the eye of Monsters Inc's Mike, right
The sclera covers the vitreous humor, a jelly-like material that fills the eyeball and is mostly water.
Yehsin represents launch of Hon Hai's "small eyeball project," which aims to meet the need for small and medium panels for mobile devices, including tablet PCs and smart phones.
LONDON, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Y-cam Solutions Ltd, the leading UK based manufacturer of easy to use network cameras, today announced the Y-cam EyeBall, the company's first mini-dome style IP camera.
broadcast last Monday (January 17), showed comedy actress Emily Atack investigating binge drinking amongst young people and included a segment on the practice of vodka eyeballing--taking in vodka through the eyeball.
fm allows members to upload their iTunes libraries to their Eyeball.
In October, MOMIX teamed up with graphic design company Eyeball to produce a stunning video installation funded by Target's Art for Ali series.