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Although the ability to create eyes where none should exist is an impressive feat, researchers are still struggling to understand what eyeless and its noninsect relatives do during development.
So Eyeless in Gaza always remained a "secret garden" outfit, often stumbled upon by accident, delighting the listener with something original and unmatched, and Gaza will rise again this year.
A talented lead guitarist, he played in country blues group Eyeless in the early Seventies.
It took a moment to realize why the eyeless, masklike face looked so familiar: It's actually a portrait of George Harrison.
In the case of the eyeless mutants, an imbalance might tell the eyes that they should not develop.
Washington, Oct 6 (ANI): Researchers have unravelled the once-prized enigma behind the sex life of the oldest vertebrate- a hagfish- by identifying the first reproductive hormone of the eyeless, snot-covered, worm-like scavenger of the deep
The two most striking chapters deal with the ritual massacres of lizards, birds, dragonflies, and other beasts by cruel boys--including the narrator, who makes the mistake of hiding his collection of eyeless lizards in his grandfather's one cherished souvenir--and with the masks, costumes, and revelries of Carnival.
Rather than attend to her complex needs, he solipsistically meditates on the 'terror of the self, of letting the self go so far free that one night it might break away, detach entirely and become another, leaving behind it only a talking shell, an empty costume standing there aghast, topped by an eyeless mask'.
Modelmaker Roger Dicken, who created the eyeless, slithering reptile expects it to fetch up to pounds 20,000 at an auction in London next week.
Crayfish grow to between five and seven inches long and are usually brownish green; but some cave-dwelling species are colourless and eyeless.
In "Phases of the eye agitated through wings," a bird embryo is at once being dissected and yet continuing to grow; the poem builds t o one of the most powerful and disturbing passages in Joyce's oeuvre: the image of an eyeless, bleeding bullfinch "spitted" and "trussed" with "bright, sharp wires" inside an instrument for measuring "the motions of the heavens" (148).
The Tooth Cave pseudoscorpion (Tartarocreagris texana) is a large, eyeless pseudoscorpion with elongated appendages.